Coalition on Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology of Asia

2015 Work Conference of CREATe Asia Was Held in Shanghai, China
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On April 20th, Coalition of Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology of Asia (CREATe Asia) 2015 work conference was held at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST). Leaders or representatives of the rehabilitation engineering society and the Industry Association from Singapore, China, Thailand, Japan, China, China-Taiwan, Malaysia and China-Hong Kong attended the conference. In addition, the Australian representative participated in the conference through video conferencing. Professor Yu Hongliu, director of rehabilitation engineering and Technology Research Institute of USST, as the director of the China rehabilitation apparatus Association, was commissioned by the association and USST to attend the conference as a Chinese expert and representative.

Professor Wei Tech Ang, vice president of the school of mechanical and aerospace engineering, Nanyang Technology University and chairman of Singapore Center for treatment and rehabilitation technology, presided over the conference. The conference discussed in detail the members, organizational structure, decision-making mechanism, conference platform and publications of the alliance, and finally reached a consensus.

CREATe Asia aims to integrate the related organizations of the rehabilitation engineering and its industry in Asia, to jointly promote the establishment of the Asian rehabilitation technology exchange platform (conferences), relevant journals, product sharing database and product standards that conform to the Asian human body, and to promote the development of discipline and industry of the Asian rehabilitation engineering. The coalition has 8 existing sponsors. When the coalition was launched, various countries recommended the 1-2 organizations to join it based on the society or industry association of the rehabilitation engineering and its industry, and more other member units would be absorbed later.

The coalition was organized on the basis of i-CREATe, the most influential conference platform for rehabilitation in Asia. In 2010, Professor Yu Hongliu initiated and co-hosted the 2010 International Conference of Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology (i-CREATe 2010) with the START Center of Singapore, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center of Thailand (NECTEC) and Shanghai Jiao tong University in China. Thailand Princess Sirindhorn, Deputy Prime Minister and other senior government of Thailand made a special trip to Shanghai at the conference.

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