Coalition on Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology of Asia

2017 Work Conference of CREATe Asia Was Held in Shenzhen, China
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On December 6th, Coalition of Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology of Asia (CREATe Asia) 2017 work conference was held in Shenzhen, China. Members of the Alliance Council from Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries or regions attended the conference. The conference was presided over by Professor Yu Hongliu, the current president of CREATe Asia. He also made a report on the Coalition's current work and the next task, including a division of work on several important tasks. The former chairman of the alliance, Professor Wei Tech Ang of the Nanyang Technology University, Singapore, was commissioned by the alliance Council to make a proposal report on constitution of the Coalition being developed. Participants discussed important issues in the constitution and reached a consensus.

The work conference was supported by the China Disabled AIDS Center, and the delegates visited the Comprehensive Service Center for Persons with Disability in Shenzhen after the conference.

Photo of representatives from various countries and regions attending the conference

The delegates visited Comprehensive Service Center for Persons with Disability in Shenzhen

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