Korean Association of Assistive Technology Professionals (KAATP)

Contact: Prof Rhee Kun Min

Country: Korea

Email: kunminrhee@daum.net

START IL Centre, Singapore (START)

Contact: Prof Wei Tech ANG

Country: Singapore

Email: wtang@ntu.edu.sg


National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand (NSTDA)

Contact: Prof Pairash Thajchayapong

Country: Thailand

Email: pairash@nstda.or.th

Website: http://www.nstda.or.th/en/

Rehabilitation Engineering Society of Japan (RESJA)

Contact: KEMMOCHI Satoru

Country: Japan

Email: kemmochi@kawamura-gishi.co.jp

Website: http://www.resja.or.jp/eng/

Independent Living Services, New Zealand (ILSNZ)

Contact: Ms Karen BEARD-GREER

Country: New Zealand

Email: karen@ilsnz.org

Website: https://www.ilsnz.org/

Hyogo Institute of Assistive Technology (HIAT) / Hyogo Rehabilitation Center (HRC)

Contact: Dr Takaaki CHIN

Country: Japan

Email: t-chin@pure.ne.jp

Website: http://www.assistech.hwc.or.jp/

Taiwan Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society (TREATS)

Contact: Prof. Shin-Ching CHEN

State: Taiwan

Email: ​csc@tmu.edu.tw 

University of Shanghai for Science & Technology (USST)

Contact: Prof Hongliu YU

Country: China  

Email: yhl98@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.usst.edu.cn/

Assistive Technology Australia

(former known as : Independent Living Centre New South Wales , ILCNSW)

Contact: Ms Robyn CHAPMAN

Country: Australia

Email: robyn@at-aust.org

Website: http://at-aust.org/

Coalition on Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology of Asia

Member countries

Australian Rehabilitation Assistive Technology Association (ARATA)

Contact: Ms Trina Phuah

Country: Australia

Email: president@arata.org.au

Website: https://www.arata.org.au/

China Association of  Assistive Products (CAAP)

Contact: Prof Hongliu YU

Country: China

Email: yhl98@hotmail.com

Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association (HKOTA)

Contact: Mr Simon Wong

State: HongKong

Email: kmwong@ha.org.hk

Website: https://hkota.org.hk/

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Contact: Dr Jasmy Yunus

Country: Malaysia  

Email: jasmy@fke.utm.my;saripah@utm.my

Website: www.utm.my